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Helping our youngest patients grow into healthy young adults is a highlight for our team. Children undergo

 constant growth and development that present special challenges for a better  outcome. On occasion, we will refer a child out to a Pedodontist for   pecialized dental care for children; however, we enjoy working with kids and   work hard to ensure their first memories of the dentist are positive,  comfortable ones. Our mission is to help your child giggle and smile through  their six month cleaning and exam and look forward to coming to the dentist  every time! Below are some of the dental procedures we provide for children.



   X-Rays                                                                                                    Amalgam Fillings

   Dental Exams & Cleanings                                                                  Composite Fillings

   Fluoride Treatment                                                                               Crowns / Caps


   How to Properly Brush & Floss

   Oral Hygiene Aids





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